A car crash involving a Santa Ana resident occurred in Anaheim and ended in a fatality shortly after 8 p.m. The incident transpired on the eastbound 91 freeway just West of Imperial Highway after a 1999 Ford Explorer suddenly swerved from the No. 2 lane, veered across traffic and crashed into several trees. Victim Phillip Lee Leffert, 49, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Police are investigating the incident and trying to determining the catalyst of the fatal collision.

Indeed, there is a mystery surrounding the death of the gentleman in question.  Did he have a stroke?  A heart attack?  Were faulty auto parts to blame?  If the SUV crashed for the latter reason, surviving family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the auto maker.

When a loved one is injured or killed in a solo car accident do not take the incident at face value.  Investigate and if an auto part is the cause, consider filing a wrongful death product liability lawsuit. Contact our law offices today to for a free consultation and get the information you need to obtain the compensation you deserve after a loved one is wrongfully killed.