Indian patrons standing outside of the Bombay Garden restaurant in Artesia were attacked by two caucasian males who sprayed the crowd with an unknown substance.  The incident occurred at 9:50 p.m. Monday evening at  17221 Pioneer Blvd.   Pat Patnaik, a member of the City of Cerritos Economic Development Commissions, reported that he and ten other people had emerged after an evening of dining and were saying goodbye when a white van rolled up.  Two Caucasian males exited the vehicle, sprayed a white substance in the air in front of them, jumped back into the van and sped off.

The spray acted as an irritant, inflaming the eyes and nasal passages of the victims.  One of the injured noted the license plate number and called 911. Paramedics arrived on the scene and treated several victims with eyewash, although no one needed medical treatment.

When the police finally catch up with these scoundrels they will have much to atone for and may even be prosecuted under hate crime laws depending on their motivation for the attack. Victims could also look into filing civil lawsuits against the perpetrators, especially if they discover that the substance causes diseases or a condition that leads to greater injury.  No matter the type of attack, if someone injures you or a loved one in a way that causes a disruption to your health and livelihood, you can hold them accountable for their actions.  Call our personal injury lawyers at (888) 853-6696 after an unwarranted attack leads to bodily harm and threatens your long term physical health.