An accident in Breas today resulted in injury after a woman crashed her car into the pillar of a church. The accident happened when the driver’s white Ford Escort struck a curb at around 10:40 a.m. and flew into the pillar. The Brea congregational Church at 300 E. Imperial Highway suffered no real structural damage. Although not seriously hurt, the woman was taken to the UCI Medical Center for injuries to her face. No one else was hurt in the incident.

When a solo vehicle accident occurs, there can be  many reasons for it.  As stated in previous posts, it is often a knee jerk reaction to blame the car driver immediately.  While driver error can account for some solo car accidents, many can happened due to defective auto parts. When this occurs, accident victims can seek due recourse in court.

If you or beloved family member has been injured in a car accident, you can purse the guilty party via a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact our supporting attorney today, to learn how you can receive the compensation you require after a devastating car accident leaves you and your family’s future in  financial  jeopardy.