Honduran native Roberto Carlos Paz is currently wanted on a $190,000 warrant for the vehicular manslaughter of a woman and one of her 4-year-old twin boys. Charged in Jan 1, 2008 for the crime of a hit and run causing death and reckless driving, Paz is still being sought in connection to the crime. The accident occurred when Midi Mikasa and her husband, Mark, were passing through the intersection of Main and Albertoni streets with their twin sons, Nathan and Lucas, in the back seat.  Paz ran the red light at a high rate of speed and plowed into the couple’s vehicle with his pick up truck. 34-year-old Midi died that evening and her son, Nathan died the next morning. Husband  Mark, 37, and son Lucas survived after sustaining serious injuries.

44-year-old Paz had several previous convictions for running red lights as well as speeding and at the time of the car accident, his driver’s license had been suspended. Paz fled on foot after abandoning his pick up truck.  The suspect is Latino, 5 foot 4 inches tall weighing between 165 pounds.  He may or may not have a mustache and has been known to use aliases. Carson county is offering a $10,000 dollar reward for info that leads to Paz capture. If you know where he is located, please call all the traffic detectives at the Carson Sheriff’s Station, 310-830-1123.

Sadly, even Paz’s capture will not bring Midi and her precious son Nathan back—but the surviving family can pursue Paz in court for wrongful death and obtain justice and a bit of closure. If someone else’s self-centered disregard for the law has resulted in a family memebr’s death you also have the right to litigate. Contact them today to set up a one-on-one meeting with one of our expert attorneys. The consultation is free and you could very well be on your way to putting your life together after your tragic, irreplaceable loss.