Two days after the worst train accident in the history of Los Angeles, emergency crews and authorities completed their recovery. The death toll currently stands at 25, with over 40 people in critical condition being treated at local hospitals.

Speculation has surrounded the cause of the crash and the National Transportation Safety Board, who is leading the investigation is holding on making any statements until their investigation is complete. Metrolink however, has blamed an engineer, Robert Sanchez, who was operating the Metrolink train. It is purported that Sanchez missed a red light.

Reports have also been going around that Sanchez was sending text messages moments before the crash and that he may have been distracted. These reports however are unfounded and are pure speculation at this time.

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has release the following names of individuals who were killed in the Chatsworth Metrolink Accident:

Aiken, Christopher, 37
Arnold, Dennis V., 75
Brower, Dean Lafoy, 51
Buckley, Alan Lloyd, 59
Chao, Yi, 71
Desha, Spree, 35
Fuller, Walter Arney, 54
Hammersly, Michael A., 45
Hefter, Jacob Allen, 18
Hsieh, Kari
Kish II, Ernest Stephen, 47
Linter, Gregory, 48
Macias, Manuel, 31
Magdaleno, Aida, 19
Peck, Charles E., 58
Pompel, Howard Barry, 69
Ramata, Donna Lynn, 49
Souser, Doyle Jay, 56
Villalobos, Maria Elena, 28,
Vyas, Atul, 30