Two men involved in a boating accident Saturday morning were fatally injured, and another man received serious head injuries during the boating accident in Huntington Harbour. The men were in an inflatable boat when the accident occurred, where the boat crashed into a Huntington Harbour bridge in Orange County. Caleb Steele and Shawn Wilson, aged 30 and 35 respectively, were killed in the boating accident as their boat crashed into the structure of the bridge on Hilbert Drive. Witnesses report that the boat was moving at high speeds and may have been doing doughnuts just before the accident occurred.

Orange County authorities located a third man, 37-year-old with an unreleased name, who was still alive following the boating accident. The 37-year-old was the driver of the boat, but was able to escape as the lone survivor of the boating accident by swimming to a nearby shore. The man is reported to have suffered serious head injuries, and was taken t UC Irvine medical Center for treatment. Investigators are exploring the possibility that alcohol was a factor in the boating accident.

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