A solo car accident resulted in two major injuries and three fatalities when a Honda crashed into a wall in Irvine Thursday evening.  The tragedy happened at 11:30 p.m. on Shady Canyon east of Sunny Hill near a gated community.  Authorities arrived at the scene and found a 1993 Honda had collided into a brick wall bear the neighborhood’s guard shack.  One passenger was pronounced dead at the scene, while another died shortly after being delivered the hospital.
Three others remain hospitalized at local medial centers.  The names of the victims have not been released and investigators are still trying to establish a cause for the wreck.

As with any solo accident there could be a number of reasons why the crash occurred.  The fact that DUI wasn’t mentioned is significant, possibly because it was already ruled out.  In any case,  factors involved in the wreck could  include automotive part malfunction.  If an auto manufacturer is the cause of the car accident, the relatives of the deceased as well as the injured victims can pursue them in court for financial compensation.

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