On March 2nd, a Lake Elsinore family was busy making preparations for their child’s birthday when the parents met a devastating tragedy. After picking up a birthday cake that Monday evening, the couple apparently were the targets of a road rage incident. Once on I-15 in Wildomar, the parents — along with their two children who were strapped into car seats — passed Gabriel Elijah Bowker, a 20 year old man from Grand Terrace.

After some type of confrontation, the two cars wound up along the side of I-15. The parents and Bowker engaged in a fight with Bowker returning to the scene at one point with a bat he retrieved from his car. After inflicting serious head injuries to the couple, Bowker returned to his white Honda Civic. With his wife, Guadalupe Bowker-Cadena, driving the couple they sped away. Bowker and Bowker-Cadena eventually turned themselves and were booked into French Valley’s Southwest Detention Center with bail set at $1 million.

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