In a tragic car accident on Saturday night, 29 year old Vernon Onofia was identified as the only deceased among six who were travelling eastbound on Del Amo Boulevard in Long Beach. Onofia was a passenger in a white Chevy Suburban when the driver lost control of the vehicle, hit the center divider and rolled over multiple times. Onofia was thrown from the SUV. The accident happened along Del Amo Blvd near Orange Avenue in Long Beach.


As Long Beach Police continue their investigation a final report won’t be ready for several weeks. Witnesses are saying that the SUV may have been racing another car when the crash occurred. The other vehicle, identified only as a black sedan (possibly an Infiniti) . While reports have indicated that the SUV Onofia was riding in hit the center divider and rolled over, it is critical that all potential causes of the crash are investigated properly and that evidence is preserved.


In the same Chevy Suburban Onofia was riding in, two other passengers and the driver were also seriously injured. All three were taken via ambulance to a local hospital where they remain in stable condition.


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