A pedestrian was killed in Long Beach on Monday after being struck by a car.

The collision occurred early in the morning, at approximately 1:17 a.m. It began at the intersection of Long Beach Boulevard and the 91 offramp, and ended at Long Beach Boulevard and Bort Street.

At the first location, a 2000 Ford Expedition struck a bicyclist, and fled the scene. A second bicyclist jumped onto the running board of the Expedition and tried to stop the driver from fleeing, but the driver fled. While turning onto Bort, the man was thrown from the car and hit his head.

The driver of the vehicle parked the car and fled. They have not been located.

The cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. He has been identified only as a 51-year-old.

The collision remains under investigation. Those with information about the crash are encouraged to call 562-570-7355 and ask for Long Beach Police Department Collision Investigation Detail Detective Brian Watt.