A wrongful death lawsuit has just recently surfaced in Los Angeles Superior Court, where the family of a driver killed in Newhall Pass Tunnel has decided to sue for wrongful death. In October of 2007, Ricardo Cibrian Baltazat was fatally burned in a tunnel fire that spread through the Newhall Pass Tunnel, just north of Los Angeles.

During the accident, Baltazat became trapped in his vehicle, which was up against the east wall of the Newhall Pass Tunnel. He was trapped on all sides, which gave him no option but to secede to the fire that occurred later.

The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the defendant is guilty of negligence in the massive vehicle accident that killed Baltazar and others. In the lawsuit, the SAIA motor fright line as well as the State of California serve as defendants to the wrongful death claims. The lawsuit accuses the SAIA of causing the accident through its negligent driver, which resulted in the 34 vehicle car accident and fire that killed three and caused 17 million in property damage. The State of California is charged on the basis of its responsibility for the Newhall Pass Tunnel, which the lawsuit claims was dimly lit and maliciously curvy.

The lawsuit aims to recompense the death of Baltazar and punish SAIA and its accused negligent driver.

If you have also been the victim of a wrongful death case, it is important that you consider the possibility of legal action. Even if you are unsure about your case, it is wise to receive advice before destroying the possibility altogether.