An accident in downtown LA this morning is reported to have killed one person, also injuring three others, two passengers and a pedestrian. The driver, who died in the car accident, is believed to have been drunk when he crashed his car into a parked vehicle and utility pole, according to Los Angeles Police. A 33 year old man of El Monte, Ricardo Avila Tamayo was driving the Ford Explorer northbound on Santa Fe when he crashed into the vehicle and pole, for reasons still being investigated. Both the front-seat and back-seat passengers of the SUV were hospitalized in severe condition, and Avila Tamayo was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Another person, a pedestrian on the road at the time of the accident, suffered injuries as a result of the crash as well. Los Angeles Police Department Officer Rocio Gomez reported that the SUV was speeding in what was probably a drunk driving accident, as was confirmed by passengers interviewed later. In addition to the death and injuries, the crash also caused damage to electrical wiring in the Los Angeles area.

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