The dangers of talking while driving were again reinforced yestreday in a terrible pedestrian accident that took the life of a 10-year-old boy. This morning in Los Angeles, the woman driving while on her cell phone struck a group of pedestrians, killing a 10-year-old-boy while injuring 3 more, the boy’s mother and sisters. According to reports, the accident occurred as the woman drove her SUV into the left turn from San Vincente onto Tweedy, where she ran into the family of pedestrians. It was also reported that the driver showed no signs of slowing down or stopping prior to the collision.

The boy, aged 10, was identified as Ricardo Mercado, who was walking with his family when the accident transpired. Mercado’s family also suffered injuries resulting from their crash, sending them to the hospital with substantial injuries. Unfortunately, although the injuries sustained by the family are likely to be resolved, the loss of Ricardo Mercado’s life is irreversible.

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