An accident involving a speeding, stolen vehicle left 2 children in critical condition today, an apparent result of the actions of three Carson men who are now in custody. The accident took place in Bellflower within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County police.

David Mendoza, Felix Alvarez, and Ivan Maganya, all males aged 19 to 20, reportedly stole a sport utility vehicle from a location in Torrance. At a sobriety checkpoint the driver of the SUV would not stop as required, continuing through, at around 12.25 am. Proceeding on Artesia in Long Beach, the SUV crashed intoa first vehicle, which slammed into another – a three car collision.

Within one of the cars at the time of the crash sat two children, cousins aged 6 and 10 from Los Angeles and Paramount, respectively. Both children were later taken to a nearby hospital, both critically injured from the crash. The car also included the children’s grandparents; however they escaped the crash uninjured.

Three Carson men, the ones mentioned above, were pursued and captured by police and face several possible charges for the accident, including hit and run.

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