A Costa Mesa man with a previous DUI conviction pleased guilty to driving under the influence as well as hit and run. 32-year-old James Arlen Peterson hit a 48-year-old woman who was standing next to her parked car, striking her in her left hip. Peterson had been driving a Chevrolet Monte Carlo drove down Balboa Boulevard where he subsequently turned on to 30th Street and hit the woman around 5 P.M. He fled the scene but had to be rescued by a lifeguard boat when he failed to make a three-point turn and mistakenly backed his automobile into the nearby ocean water.

He was sentenced Monday for the crime receiving 163 days in jail, three years probation and alcohol related education. His license has also been revoked until his probation ends.

The woman he hit can also pursue justice in the form of a civil lawsuit. By filing a personal injury claim against Peterson, she can receive monetary damages that will help her pay for medical expenses related to her hip injury. If a drunk driver has left you physically and emotionally damaged, contact our personal injury legal team for  a free consultation. Not only can you receive financial reparation for your injuries, you can ensure that the offender pays a heavy penalty for their reckless behavior.