The California Division of Occupational Safety & Health (Cal-OSHA) announced today that a 51-year-old Mark Arnett, a mechanic, was killed at the Port of Oakland after maintenance issues caused the crane to move out of its proper position and pinned Arnett between the bumper of the trolley and the guard rail.

The Port of Oakland

Arnett was taken to Summit Medical Center in Oakland where he was pronounced dead. He suffered fatal crushing injuries to both his chest and head. Located at Berth 37 at the Port of Oakland, this fatal crane accident is the second in as many years. There are a total of seven terminals at the Port of Oakland and this one was shut down for the rest of the day while investigators and state officials investigate the cause of this tragic incident.



While investigation results are generally not released for several months, it is critical that key evidence is preserved and witnesses are interviewed. It is rather unusual for Cal-OSHA to announce the cause of the fatal incident almost immediately, however, citing “maintenance” issue involving the crane’s trolley can involve many factors. It may be a manufacturing defect or a faulty repair. Whatever the case, if you or a loved one has been injured by a crane it is important that an immediate independent investigation begin to have some of these important questions answered. It is about protecting your families and your rights


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