This past Friday November 30, 2012 a tragic bicycle accident in Palm Springs resulted in the fatality of 38-year-old Corey Holley of La Quinta. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Holley’s family and friends during these difficult times.


Reports indicate that Holley was riding his bicycle at the 1400 block of Palm Canyon Drive near a popular restaurant. Generally speaking, a collision report involving a fatality will take several weeks to complete and police are currently not releasing any additional information. It does not appear that alcohol or drugs were a factor, and the driver of the vehicle that struck Holley stayed at the scene and spoke with the police. No arrests were made.


While we don’t currently have additional details into Corey Holley’s bicycle accident, the harsh reality is that most drivers are not looking for cyclist. With more than 35+ years of combined legal experience, the lawyers at Our sponsoring personal injury law firm have been investigating and representing victims and families of catastrophic bicycle accidents. “What we see more often is that these tragic bicycle accidents could have been prevented. Drivers typically say that they did not see the bicyclist. It is an unfortunate reality that we must confront by holding those who are responsible accountable for their actions and educating our communities to help prevent these unspeakable losses,” said Korosh Torkzadeh, attorney at Our sponsoring personal injury law firm.


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