Four cyclists were injured in an apparently intentional hit-and-run in Marin County on Saturday.

The incident occurred at around noon on westbound Point Reyes-Petaluma Road near Hicks Valley Road in the vicinity of Petaluma. The vehicle involved, a dark blue Dodge Ram pickup, swerved into a group of cyclists before fleeing the scene.

The cyclists were part of the Jensie Gran Fondo charity ride. Four were injured; they have been identified as 48-year-old Spencer Fast, 53-year-old Robert Grier, 55-year-old Oliver Colvin, and 49-year-old Joseph Olla.

Of these victims, Fast suffered critical injuries, while the other three cyclists suffered injuries ranging from moderate to serious. All four victims are expected to survive.

The suspected driver of the Dodge, 21-year-old Aaron Paff, was tracked down and arrested later that night. He faces felony charges, and is being held on $50,000 bail. Authorities do not yer have a motive for why Paff apparently drove into the group of cyclists.

The incident remains under investigation.