On Monday night, Jesse Stephenson Arnold, 26 years-old, was riding his Ducati motorcycle on Carmel Mountain Road when he collided with 29-year-old Shawn Christopher Abrallo who was crossing the street at Sundance Avenue. Abrallo was walking his dog in a marked crosswalk when this tragic accident occurred. Both men were killed and pronounced dead at the scene of this horrific crash, Abrallo’s dog was unhurt. It is unclear as to why or how Arnold’s motorcycle came into contract and struck Arnold and an investigation is ongoing. The crash occurred around 9:30pm on a long stretch of Carmel Mountain Road in San Diego where residents say is rather dark and often speeding cars. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these two young men. Carmel Mountain & Sundance Ave.


There have been published reports that Arnold was riding his motorcycle at speeds in excess of 80 mph at the time of the crash. It is important to remember that an investigation by the police is ongoing and no conclusions can or should be made until the investigation is complete. In addition, it is important for an independent investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate crash. Specifically, the motorcycle must be preserved and examined to rule out any problems with the bike (i.e. manufacturing defects, maintenance problems). All additional evidence must be gathered, witness statements should be taken and a full and thorough investigation should be done immediately.

Accident Factors


There are many times where the design of the road can be dangerous and be the main cause of an accident that could have been prevented. The roadway where this crash occurred must be studied, the history of crashes should be examined and an experienced law firm with experts should determine the viability of any and all claims that may exist. There has been extensive discussions on claims against government entities when dangerous roads are involved.


Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents often result in catastrophic losses. Combined with the lack of barrier between the rider and the outside surroundings, inattentive drivers, hazards and dangerous roads, victims of motorcycle accidents must be extremely careful when on the roads. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, call immediately for a free case consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney – (888) 853-6696.