Simulation of Jackknife not actual accident

UPDATE: Driver of the Toyota Yaris who was killed has not yet been identified, but was 36-years-old. The other three individuals injured in the crash were taken to the UC San Diego Medical Center for treatment. It appears that the semi-truck driver lost control of the truck and jackknifed causing the crash.

UPDATE: Initial reports indicated two dead, however, more recent reports are now saying one was killed. Also updated location to near 47th St., previously reported as 42nd St.


At around 5:00 am this morning, a horrific car accident on the Northbound 805 freeway in San Diego near 47th St. leaves two dead and others seriously injured as the crash caused the freeway to be completely shut down while crews and police investigate. Two cars including a Toyota Yaris and a Toyota pick-up truck were involved in the crash with the semi-truck which was carrying what appears to be a shipping container.


Early reports indicate that the semi-truck (18 wheeler) jackknifed along the 805 Northbound freeway blocking all lanes. The other vehicles travelling on the freeway could not avoid the truck and slammed into it. A Toyota Yaris carrying three passengers was stuck underneath the truck – the driver was killed while the passenger is said to have survived but with serious injuries. The driver of the pick-up truck suffered a serious head injury.


Rescue teams had to use the jaws of life to pry open the passengers in the Toyota Prius. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, while the two others were taken for treatment for serious injuries at a nearby hospital


While the police continue their investigation into the causes of this crash, they most likely will not be releasing an accident report for several weeks. Truck jackknifing or trailer swing / trailer slew is often extremely dangerous. A truck can jackknife by driver error including improper braking; failure in equipment such as brakes;  or hazardous road conditions. Jackknife causes the trucks cab and its trailer to articulate and face in opposite directions (see simulation above).


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