A car broke loose from the bed of a tow truck and killed a female plumber, Liliana Preciado in San Francisco. The car rolled off the bed of the tow-truck and struck her as she was repairing a leak on 28th Street and consequently killed her.

The incident is under investigation by the San Francisco Police Department. We do know that the flatbed was at a downward angle and the tow-truck was not actually moving at the time of the incident. It is uncertain whether it occurred due to neglect to fasten the J-hooks that connect the vehicle to the tow truck. According to tow truck operator K.C. Martinez, the J hooks could have loosened after hitting a dip without the driver’s knowledge.

She was a friend and mentor to her colleagues, and leaves behind a two-year-old daughter. Her death is a tragic loss to the community and family she belonged to.