A tragic accident involving a Greyhound bus in Northern California has injured 18 people and killed 2.

The bus was traveling on a rainy highway around 6:40am near San Jose on the 101 freeway when it flipped over, carrying the driver and 19 other passengers. According to Associated Press reports, it wasn’t initially clear what the cause of the accident was.

Five people were taken to local hospitals for moderate injuries, and 13 were treated for minor injuries. Police later named 51-year-old Fyle Olivera as one of the two fatalities. The San Francisco resident was en route to Los Angeles to visit her son.

The second victim was named as 76-year-old Maria De Jesus Ortiz Velasquez of Salinas. She reportedly died at the scene.

Police also later confirmed the driver –58-year-old Gary Bonslater— reported being “tired” and are looking into his work logs for the last 24 hours. Bonslater insists he did not fall asleep at the wheel. Drivers are required to rest at least nine hours before beginning another trip.

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