Five people were killed in a plane crash in Santa Ana, California on Sunday.

The crash occurred at around 12:28 p.m. in the parking lot near South Coast Plaza. The airplane had taken off from Buchanan Airfield in Concord, and was less than a mile from its destination of John Wayne Airport when it fell out of the sky.

All five occupants of the airplane were killed. They have been identified as Scott Shepherd, 53; Lara Shepherd, 42; Floria Hakimi, 62; Navid Hakimi, 32; and Nasim Ghanadan, 29.

Scott Shepherd was the pilot, and Lara was his wife. Navid Hakimi was also the son of Floria. Three of the victims worked as real estate agents with Pacific Union in Danville, California.

There were no deaths or injuries on the ground, although the plane struck several parked vehicles.

The plane was a twin-engine Cessna 414, made in 1973. It was registered to Category III, a real estate consulting firm in San Francisco.

The cause of the collision remains unclear; the pilot reported an emergency before the crash, but did not give any further details. The collision remains under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, although a full report may not be released for a year or more.