An innocent man lost his life Friday night when – through no fault of his own – the motorcycle he was riding on was viciously struck by a speeding car which lost control while being chased by California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The incident actually began at around 10:30pm Friday, March 13th, on the freeway when CHP officers witnessed a 2007 KIA traveling at “an extreme high rate of speed” southbound on the 405 from San Diego. According to the report issued by CHP, the officers flipped on their patrol car’s flashing lights in an attempt to perform a traffic stop on the KIA.

However, rather than pulling over for CHP, the driver (18-year-old Christian Alexander of Sylmar) along with his passenger (21-year-old Ezekiel Roberson also of Sylmar) attempted to flee the CHP officer’s pursuit.

The chase ensued down the 405 until reaching the off-ramp leading to the North Hills area and Nordhoff Street intersection. CHP officers said he (Alexander) took the exit and just prior to reaching the intersection “he applied his brakes in an attempt to slow down,” but began to lose control of the KIA, ran the red light and “plowed through the intersection,” striking and killing the 56-year-old Sylmar motorcyclist.

Sadly, the rider pronounced dead at the scene. The 18-year-old Alexander and 21-year-old Roberson were both taken to the hospital where they received treatment for minor injuries. It was at the hospital where CHP “after an evaluation” arrested Alexander for driving under the influence (DUI) and booked into the Van Nuys jail.

**It should be noted that after reviewing CHP reports at a later time, prosecutors might very well upgrade Alexander’s DUI charge to Vehicular Homicide**

(This is a developing story and we will update with more information as it is made available to us)


What are the Legal Ramifications When Unfortunate Incidents Such as This Occur?

Police chases occur almost daily throughout California and in particular, Southern California. Often these chases end in a traffic accident. Especially when the vehicle being pursued makes some sort of high-risk, low-reward maneuver such as running a red light, taking a turn too fast or attempting an ill-fated pass around other unsuspecting motorist.

There has long been a debate on whether an officer should disengage from a pursuit to protect the wellbeing of innocent bystanders. If you or a loved one has been an innocent victim of a police chase which ended in your being injured, the best advice would be to speak with an attorney who is better familiar with the police pursuit procedures within your area.

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When Traffic Accidents Result in Death

In the event a traffic accident results in the death of a loved one, we at TORKLAW would like to offer our help in determining the actual cause of the accident, who is responsible and if the accident could have been avoided. If the accident which took the life of someone is found to have been caused by another person’s negligence, irresponsible actions or poor decision, then it could be the death is a wrongful death and the family is entitled to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

For instance, if the other driver was speeding, distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, our sponsoring attorneys would like to help. There are many other factors which could lead to the wrongful death of another as well. Therefore, it might be best to speak with an attorney who can advise you on all your family’s options.

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