A cook suffered severe burns over 60 percent of his body after an elderly woman crashed her car into the burger restaurant he was working at.  The horrific car accident occurred when the woman pulled into the parking lot of the Burger Express in Thousand Oaks today and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.  She slammed through the wall and into the kitchen where the cook was doused with hot oil after a deep fryer was knocked over.

The names of the man and the woman involved in the accident were not immediately released, but an investigation into the incident could produce a criminal charge.

The cook and his family may also be able to file  personal injury claim against the hapless elderly driver for the serious burns the man suffered as a result of the car crash. This will be especially true if the driver was distracted in some way, such as by using a cell phone while pulling into the parking lot.  If you or someone you know and love has received burn injury or some other type of physical harm because of an accident, we are here to help. Contact our sponsoring lawyer today to receive the financial compensation you need after a serious accident changes your life.