A woman was killed after a series of collisions that occurred on Eastbound I-205 Monday morning at 1:28 AM when a box truck was overturned after losing control. The box truck ended up on the right-hand shoulder; however, half of the vehicle remained protruding in the highway lane.

Shortly after, a woman’s Hyundai struck the overturned box truck. According to CHP, the woman got out of her car and stood in the traffic lane to speak to the truck driver and the two passengers. A third party also pulled into the shoulder to help on the scene.

Six minutes later, two more trucks collided with them. An approaching big rig hit the box truck and the woman’s Hyundai, continuing forward into the good Samaritan’s car. The second box truck following the big rig struck the woman’s Hyundai, overturned and hit the woman, killing her instantly. The driver of the first overturned box truck was hospitalized at San Joaquin General Hospital for major injuries.

The good Samaritan’s two child passengers both incurred injuries. The 7 year-old was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for serious medical injuries and the 9 year-old was also hospitalized. CHP was forced to close part of the I-205 in order to clear the scene.