In a tragic and preventable motorcycle crash, 40-year-old John Pedone was killed when he was struck by a driver making an illegal U-turn. The crash occurred near Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Oxnard street in Valley Village just after 6pm. Pedone a resident of Granada Hills was immediately taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.


The driver of the car was not arrested and an investigation is ongoing. LAPD is asking that if anyone has any information, please contact them immediately at (818) 644-8028.

This is a harsh reminder of the realities that motorcyclist face everyday on our roads. May has been named Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and our law firm has joined forces with the National Highway Safety Administration to encourage drivers to be cautious, look for bikers and spend a few extra seconds checking to make sure you are making safe and cautious decisions when driving.

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