Thursday proved unfortunately unusual for a Woodland Hills family whose house was struck by an errant SUV driving down their road. The family was awaken by the vehicle, which crashed into the house early that morning.

Sometime around 1:51 a.m on Thursday, police came to the house on the 22000 block of Providencia Street, located near Topanga Canyon Boulevard. They arrived to find an SUV had crashed into the kitchen.

A driver, female, was driving on Providencia when she hit a parked vehicle. Upon doing so, the car sweved into the yard and then into the house, hitting the wall of the kitchen. When the accident took place, four people were occupying the home, all asleep. Each one of the residents, which included two adults and two children, were situated away far enough from the crash so they were not injured.

One of the adults woke up upon hearing the SUV crash into the car and then their home. Right now, police suspect the female driver was driving under the influence (DUI) at the time of the crash.

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