At 2:30 AM June 15 a car crash resulted in the death of a father and child as well as major early morning traffic north of Seal Beach Boulevard.

The father’s Honda CRV stalled in the middle of the freeway and both father and small child exited the vehicle. Upon exiting the vehicle in the middle of the freeway, they were stuck by a Toyota Rav 4 and were both instantly killed. The other two passengers in the vehicle were transported to the nearest hospital and are in critical condition. According to CHP officer Duane Graham, an occupant of the Toyota Rav 4 is in critical condition as well.

All four left lanes were blocked off until 7 AM, further congesting the freeway for early commuters. A full investigation is still underway and authorities are emphasizing the importance of not exiting your vehicle, especially if it stalls on the freeway. CHP officials stressed that cars are traveling at very high rates of speed and dark lighting conditions in the evening make it even more dangerous to exit your vehicle at any time.