Students and teachers of Chula Vista’s Eastlake Middle School (San Diego County) were all incredibly shaken Friday when one of the children fell victim to injuries so severe they had to be airlifted to a nearby area hospital.

The victim, an 8th grade student, had been playing around a soccer goal post Friday morning during PE (physical education) class when the extremely heavy, yet unanchored, goal post apparently toppled over onto the child. San Diego Fire & Rescue personnel arrived on scene, it was apparent the child’s injuries were severe and the victim needed an emergency airlift (Mercy Air) transport to Rady Children’s Hospital in order to receive immediate medical treatment.

While the current condition of the child is still unknown at this time, a bystander on the scene when 1st responders arrived told reporters the child was apparently in quite a bit of physical pain and making “some ungodly noises.”


Child’s Injuries Didn’t Have to Happen

While the accident will be investigated to determine its exact cause, it was still an accident which did not have to happen. According to reports, as well as statements made by witnesses and even a school district spokesperson, the soccer goal post had been intentionally left unanchored for the purpose of convenience.

As a result of the soccer goal frequently “meant to be moved,” Manny Rubio (Sweetwater Union District High School) said that these goal posts are standard at every school and are not anchored down because they are meant to be moved.


School Liability or Product Liability?

Parents throughout the school district will certainly have many questions and concerns about the safety of children playing around these soccer goal posts. While some might have an opinion as to the manner in which the child was playing as being responsible for the child’s injuries, children do not often consider whether their actions are “reasonable” or not.

Such is the case when a child places small objects into their mouth and, unfortunately, do not consider the object being a choking hazard. Fact is, as a result of children not yet possessing reasonable thinking, it is typically the responsibility of those who watch and care for children to ensure their safety.

However, when a manufacturer or supplier of products and equipment which are intended to be used by, played with or simply placed in the vicinity of children (playground equipment, school equipment, school sporting equipment etc.), they too hold an incredible amount of responsibility in ensuring these products are safe for unsuspecting and unaware children.

In order to determine who will be held liable, and therefore responsible, for the child’s injuries, personal injury attorneys will investigate certain elements behind the accident in an attempt to figure out what might have happen as well as how the accident might have been avoided. Possibly the more critical of these elements behind this child’s injury case will revolve around the goal post’s anchoring.


This is how injury attorneys work to ensure such accidents do not have to happen and we, as well as our children, remain safe from future accident and/or injury. Our sponsoring personal injury law firm has helped many parents whose children were injured as result of what might appear to be an innocent accident, but found that had it not have been for another’s negligence, the child’s injury would not have had to happen.


An injury such as the one involving the young Eastlake Middle School 8th grader can not only be incredibly concerning for all parents within this school’s district but just as concerning for parents of all school districts which use this type of soccer goal post.

Not only will these parents need reassuring the soccer goal post is safe if properly anchored but the parents of the injured child Chula Vista are facing incredible medical costs and possibly medical treatment and rehabilitation for quite some time.


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