An automobile crashed with a fire truck in Lancaster on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, causing a pregnant woman to be ejected from a Toyota Avalon in which she was a passenger and injuring a total of four. The collision with the emergency vehicle happened around 2:00 p.m., at the intersection of 10th Street West and Newgrove Street. The Toyota contained three people, including the seven-to-eight-months pregnant woman, who was a passenger in the back seat.


The young mother ejected from the vehicle was hospitalized with serious injuries suffered in the devastating wreck. The other two people in the Avalon and one of the Los Angeles County firemen were also hospitalized for treatment of injuries caused by the auto accident. All were transported to Antelope Valley Hospital.


Witnesses blamed the accident on the driver of the Toyota, which may have been speeding as it approached a line of stopped traffic in the second lane, moving eastward on Newgrove Street. The emergency vehicle, described as one of the smaller, fire utility trucks, was coming the opposite way, lights and sirens on, winding its way through traffic. For unknown reasons, the Toyota swung into the third lane to pass the stopped traffic, collided with the emergency vehicle, and then hit a utility pole, ejecting the pregnant passenger in the process.

Firefighters were quick to blame the Toyota driver, as well, reminding reporters of the duty to stop for emergency vehicles and the consequences of failing to yield to fire trucks. It is not clear whether anything could have blocked the Toyota driver’s view, nor have we seen information regarding the nature of the emergency to which the fire utility truck was responding. This motor vehicle accident is one that should be independently investigated, as the right witnesses might yield information about facts or circumstances that would tend to more fully explain the cause of the accident, including why the Toyota driver failed to see the oncoming fire truck, in the heavy Lancaster traffic.


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