A middle aged man was killed when the driver of a Fedex Truck lost control of his vehicle on Tuesday morning. A 51-year-old, John Winter was a pedestrian on East Park Avenue at the time of the accident, when the truck struck and killed him at around 8:30. Witnesses said the Fedex truck was traveling at high speeds, and then seemed to lose control and ram into vehicles on the road. After causing damage to several vehicles, the truck proceeded to hit the pedestrian. The man died upon impact from the Fedex truck.

The driver, unidentified, was interviewed following the accident, in which he was one of three injured. The driver in one of the vehicles that was hit, a woman , Bonnie Goetz, was also a victim of injuries in the accident. According to reports, the woman is now at home but sustained head injuries and neck injuries during the pedestrian accident.The pedestrian accident remains under investigation, but police have determined that neither drugs nor drunk driving were a factor in the accident.

The pedestrian accident was the third of similar Long Beach fatalities in the last year. If you have also been involved in a pedestrian accident, you should consider discussing your case with one of our sponsoring lawyers. For a free consultation, call one of our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers or submit your case using our online form.