An Amtrak bus ran and operated by Coach America ignited on Friday near Los Angeles, just northwest of the city on Interstate 5. Flames from the bus expanded into the brush of a nearby mountainous area. According to reports, local firefighters were already involved in a finer in the same as the bus fire erupted. Karina Romero, spokesman of Amtrak headquarters in Washing DC, said that all passengers were removed in advance and weren’t injured in the fire. The bus pulled to the roadside, releasing passengers before the bust actually ignited. Authorities that arrived at the scene were compelled to shutdown Los Angeles Interstate 5 traffic in order to battle the fire.

Considering the dangerous potential of this particular event, the ending was fortunate for the passengers as everyone escaped the fire. However, in a case where passengers do become injuries, victims of injuries should understand that they are protected by passenger’s rights, especially so because their injuries resulted from a commercial vehicle accident. If you have been injured in a bus accident or bus fire, you can receive a free consultation by contacting one of our sponsoring lawyers at our Los Angeles office.