A taxi driver whose clients did not pay the full fare is suspected to have intentionally caused a crash with a Los Angeles home, causing an injury and leading to an assault charge. Police believe the man retaliated against passengers after they refused to pay him.

The taxi driver took a couple from Beverly Hills to a Los Angeles home, a drive which would regularly be brief but ended up taking an hour. For the taxi ride, the driver charged approximately $35 but the couple refused and only paid $26. As the couple walked away from the vehicle, the taxi driver accelerated forward and crashed into the Los Angeles home.

Police believe the crash was intentional, an act of retaliation, but the taxi driver maintains that he accidentally hit the gas. One man who was behind the door of the Los Angeles home was injured, but his injuries were only minor.

The law prohibits intentional accidents, even if they are done in retaliation – it is a type of assault. If you have been injured in a car accident, taxi accident, or other accident make sure you talk to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to evaluate the legal options available to you. Contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to get the help you need – call (888) 853-6696.