Yet another Metro Line train crashed into a Hyundai Sonata car near Exposition Park and partially derailed, around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 28, 2015, injuring twenty-one people. The traumatic train accident occurred near the University of Southern California campus, close to the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Exposition Boulevard.

Multiple Train Crash Injuries

Ten were hospitalized for injuries suffered in the train accident, including the driver of the Hyundai car hit by the train – a 31-year-old USC film student who was hospitalized in critical condition – and Kenneth Goss, the driver of the train, who was seriously injured when the train collided with the car.  Eight more people were transported to hospitals for treatment and several were treated at the scene of the terrifying accident.

Crash with Car Derailed Train

This devastating train wreck happened when the young Hyundai driver, a USC film student and a veteran, turned and drove onto the tracks, where the train collided with his car, according to reports from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  The train then jammed the car against a pole, and this wedging action crushed the car against a pole, leaving the driver trapped in the twisted metal of his wrecked car as train cars began to derail around him.

Police reports stated that the Hyundai driver made an “improper” left turn onto the train tracks where his vehicle was struck by the Metro Line train.

Help for Victims of Metro Line Crash

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