In San Francisco this past Saturday, two light rail cars crashed into one another between the West Portal and Castro transportation stations. The train accident took place when a moving L train truck a stationary K train at West Portal Station in San Francisco. Witnesses report that a loud boom sound was heard when the two trains collided, after which the passengers of the train sat along the boarding platform, some requiring immediate medical attention. The L train’s driver along with three others are reported to be in critical condition. The train accident caused an overwhelmingly high number of injuries, with four people still in critical condition. Of the total 48 people suffering injuries in the train accident, every one was transported to a local hospital for treatment, many remaining injured as of July 19. The likely cause of accident is being investigated between either mechanical or human error.

Being that this San Francisco train accident is the third so far this year, the legal nature of this case is clearly a growing nationwide concern. If you have been involved in any type of train accident, there may be a need for legal proceedings to be properly compensated. For individuals that have been injured or otherwise damaged, our San Francisco lawyers can offer you important advice about your case.