Burnt wreckage and the possibility that a person was trapped inside greeted California Highway Patrol officers on Saturday, March 4, 2015, when they first arrived on the scene of a lower Topanga Canyon auto accident, where a car had flown off a cliff, caught fire, and had ignited a fire in the surrounding brush. The horrible crash occurred around 10:00 a.m., and more than 100 firefighters from Los Angeles city and county departments quickly responded and eventually subdued the brush fire, making  their way to the burnt-out remains of the vehicle only to find that there was no one inside, while hundreds of spectators watched from the road.

Death or DUI?

Car wrecks like this burning Topanga Canyon crash leave investigators seeking answers. Was this wreck caused by road conditions or someone’s negligence?  Is a victim injured by the wreck still lost in Topanga Canyon?  Or was the victim possibly engaged in illegal activity or driving under the influence and decided to disappear before the police arrived?

Fortunately, no additional people seem to have been injured in this blazing auto wreck.  However, that may not be the case. Investigations over the next several days should identify the owner of the wrecked vehicle and witnesses may come forward who saw how the accident happened or what happened after the car caught fire.

Help for People Hurt or Killed in Auto Wrecks

We at our sponsoring law firm understand how devastating it can be, for a family to learn that a loved one has been hurt or has died in a horrifying auto accident like this one. We hope sincerely that this turns out to be just a case of auto accident property damage and no more.

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