Tragedy Strikes Cahuilla Creek Motocross Track

68-year-old Temecula resident, David Jacobus, lost his life Wednesday March 11th at the popular Riverside County Cahuilla Creek Motocross Track off U.S. Highway 371 in Anza. According to California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Lassig, Jacobus was attempting to negotiate a turn when he hit a sage brush, causing Jacobus to lose control of the 2015 Honda CRF 450R he was riding.

He [Jacobus] was ejected from the bike and landed roughly 100 feet away.” Says CHP Officer Lassig. Jacobus was wearing his helmet. Bystanders at the scene rushed to Jacobus and immediately began CPR in an attempt to save his life but were unsuccessful. David Jacobus was pronounced dead at the scene according to CHP officials.

David Jacobus was a former Computer Science and Mathematics teacher, had worked as a SharePoint Consultant, and in his own words from his 2010 SharePoint page [] “I have raced off-road motorcycles for 30 + years!”

His love for dirt-bikes and off-roading is apparent by the incredible pictures and videos posted on Facebook (David Jacobus) and this video David Jacobus’ 2015 Honda CR450R demo, posted on YouTube by Michael Good.

David Jacobus was obviously well-loved and will certainly be missed by his family, friends and fellow off-road enthusiasts and competitors. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all who knew and loved David.

Investigating Motorcycle Accidents to Determine Possible Negligence, Fault and/or Liability

Motorcycles, dirt-bikes and other various ATVs and off-road vehicles provide both rider and spectators with an exhilarating combination of speed and excitement. However, as a result of their being lightweight, extremely powerful and offering little protection in the form of impact resistant material, such as standard automobiles, the likelihood of serious or catastrophic fatal injuries occurring as result of an accident is extraordinarily high.

While riders of motorcycles, ATVs and off-road machines accept a certain responsibility when choosing to ride or operate such a vehicle, this does not necessarily mean a motorcycle accident is always the fault of the rider. There are several critical elements which personal injury attorneys, such as here at TORKLAW, thoroughly investigate in order to help victims and their families find answers as to what went wrong.

  • Rider Error?
  • Defective or Malfunctioning Parts and Equipment?
  • Hazardous Road, Terrain or Track Conditions?
  • Another Driver? Pedestrian? Object?
  • Did something alter or interfere with the rider’s vision or ability to operate his/her motorcycle/ATV safely?

When Motorcycle Accidents Occur On-Track

Accidents and crashes are an almost routine part of most competitive racing events. Unfortunately, some accidents are either so severe or “freakish” in nature that sometimes participating drivers/riders, track employees and even the spectators who come to witness these races are susceptible to injury. Sadly, some of these injuries can be catastrophic resulting in death.

It is for this reason track owners and operators are urged to provide “Waivers” by their insurance company, investors/sponsors or a racing series governing body (Motocross, Nascar, NHRA etc.) for participants and employees to sign. These waivers are intended free those sponsoring/hosting an event from any liability issues in the event of an accident.

Does a Waiver Protect Against Liability?

Yes. And No. You see, having participants/employees sign a waiver is an absolute must for any responsible business owner. However, unforeseen, unpredictable and unprecedented scenarios and events can and do sometimes occur. Therefore, the exact wording of the waiver is critically important in order for the waiver to be considered “ironclad.”

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