A man suspected be drunk driving early Monday morning has been arrested, after causing an accident where his vehicle flipped on the highway, authorities reported. The man, identified as Jashdeep Gill, was reportedly in the fast lane of Highway 118 when, as an apparent result of driving drunk, he lost control of his vehicle. The accident occurred westbound past Rocky Peak Fire road, ay about 2:05 am on Monday morning. After losing control, Gill struck the center divider of the highway, resulting in the rollover of his vehicle. When the car finally stopped, it was situated on its roof in a position perpendicular to the roadway.

About 2 minutes past the accident, Gill exited his vehicle and walked away. At this point, another driver, Michael Cerniglia of Camarillo, crashed into Gill’s vehicle as he progressed west on the highway. Due to the early morning darkness, Cerneglia said he couldn’t see Gill’s vehicle lying on the highway. Cerneglia was taken to a hospital with injuries to the head, in the form of a cut.

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