A driver was taken to the hospital early Wednesday morning after glass fell into her eyes.  The incident occurred while the woman was driving northbound on I-5 just South of Camino Capistrino.  Authorities are still uncertain as to what actually happened, but they believe something fell out of a truck or moving vehicles and injured the female motorist.  The woman, who had been driving a gray BMW sedan, was taken to San Clemente Hospital for evaluation.  Officers on the scene indicate that the injuries were minor and vowed to get to the bottom of what transpired.

When an accident of this nature occurs,  it can be especially frightening to the victim, who may not initially  know who or what caused their injury.  Another terrifying aspect of this particular personal injury is that damage to the eyes may seem minor but have a degenerative effect over time–in other words, one could even lose their eyesight. Should the latter scenario occur, it would be imperative for the woman to locate the responsible party so she could be compensated via a personal injury lawsuit.

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