In a horrific scene from what typically would be expected in a Hollywood movie, a dump truck, an MTA Bus and a BMW sedan were involved in a horrific accident leaving at least 19 injured. Reports indicate that an unattended dump truck rolled down a hill and struck an MTA bus which was headed westbound on Hollywood Boulevard at around 8:00am on Tuesday. The force of the dump truck pushed the bus, which had at least 30 passengers on board,  into the opposite eastbound lane of Hollywood Blvd causing a head-on collision with the BMW. The driver of the BMW and her daughter were injured and were trapped until rescue workers got them out.

Credit: Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times


Early reports indicate that a dump truck was left unattended at an incline. The dump truck rolled down the hill causing this chain-reaction resulting in many injuries. One can only speculate because an investigation is ongoing – but it could be assumed that either the emergency brakes were set or failed.


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