A sleeping, 71-year-old Lancaster woman died tragically, crushed in her own bed by a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck that came exploding into her home on West Avenue J-12, around 11 p.m. on Sunday night, March 29, 2015, after plowing through several parked vehicles on both sides of the street, at the hands of 25-year-old Aaron Daniel Benson, who was suspected of driving while impaired by alcohol.

Neighbors reported awakening to the sound of the loud wrecks, punctuated by a boom when Benson crashed his truck into the elderly woman’s home.


The elderly victim of this fatal DUI accident, a woman who reportedly enjoyed gardening, was found dead at the scene.

The trapped woman was found in her bed, underneath the massive weight of the truck, by first responders who arrived to investigate the deadly, DUI wreck, according to reports from Lancaster Sheriff’s Station deputies.


The family that lost their beloved mother, grandmother, or sister to this horrible, wrongful death deserve answer and peace of mind. Seeking legal help may seem to be an impossible task at such an emotional time, but it is one of many necessary arrangements that must be made.

Time is of the essence, if this poor old woman’s loved ones are to receive what they need to help make them whole, after this tragedy. Witnesses must be located and interviewed. Physical evidence must be secured for later examination by experts. Insurance and legal claims are time-sensitive and must be filed correctly and promptly. Justice can be had, but it must be vigorously pursued.


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