On Wednesday July 15, 2015, 65-year-old David Wright from Modesto was tragically killed on Highway 84 when a big rig truck struck his vehicle from behind. The crash happened between Vineyard Avenue and Vallecitos Road in Livermore, CA.

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From preliminary interviews with police, it appears that traffic slowed down or was coming to a stop and the driver of the big rig (who has not been identified) couldn’t stop the truck in time. As a result of his unsafe speed, the truck rear ended three vehicles including the one Wright was in.


The big rig was owned and operated by Gardner Trucking, Inc. a California-based trucking company in Ontario, CA. In an interview with a Gardner Trucking employee, the driver involved in this crash had been employed with the company for seven years. At the time of the crash, the big rig was carrying bottled water for delivery.

David Wright Car Accident


With cases involving large commercial big rig trucks, it is absolutely critical to have an immediate investigation into the causes of the crash. Such an investigation should be independent of any other investigation including those of insurance companies or the local police department.

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