A fire located at the entrance to 710 Freeway from the 91 Freeway has forced officials to close down that area of the freeway, which will limit many drivers in the Long Beach area. After yesterday’s truck accident and fire, the road must be repaired before engaging freeway traffic once again.

The truck, a tanker truck with 8,000 gallons of gasoline cargo, was the object of a lawyer fire yesterday evening. As the truck driver attempted to merge northbound on the 710 freeway, the truck hit a guard rail, which rolled the truck onto its side as the truck caught fire. According to California Highway patrol, Unfortunately, the injuries caused by the fire in this truck accident lead to death for the truck driver, a 51-year-old.

Caltran engineers plan to complete inspections and repairs soon, while all traffic will be redirected via Long Brach and Alondra boulevards. Until repairs are completed, all traffic can expect to travel via this detour.

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