In a pedestrian accident between a double-duo of cars and pedestrians, a total of six people were injured, with three of these now in critical condition. The Los Angeles Fire Department reports that a man in his 40s was traveling down West Jefferson Boulevard when he lost control, driving his car onto a nearby sidewalk. After riding onto the sidewalk, the car struck a pedestrian woman in her 50s and another male pedestrian in his 40s.

Both of these pedestrians were critically injured, and were transferred to hospitals from the scene. The driver, who also reported to be critically injured, had a medical problem which could have been a cause for the pedestrian accident. After striking the two pedestrians, the car proceeded to hit another car containing a man and woman in their 20s as well as a younger female passenger, age 6. According to reports, all three occupants of the car were injured and taken to a hospital for treatment.

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