Up to 202 Los Angeles fire department workers reported to the scene of a wildfire in the San Gabriel mountains, under the direction of fire assistant chief Jeffrey S. Mottram, according to reports. The firefighters arrived at the mountains as the wildfire ensued, with as many as three acres of land already burning. This San Gabriel Mountains fire could be attributed to a high index of heat without much wind that was present in the area.

Firefighters took the top line of attack, beginning with fire and rescue helicopters that dropped water across the area to extinguish the fire. The water-dropping helicopter worked across the low side of the mountain and through the Tujunga Wash. Within just under two hours, the fire department had nearly finalized their efforts, containing the fire to less than twenty acres, away from houses that could have been threatened by the fire.

During the course of the fire, five firefighters suffered injuries, none of which were life-threatening. Tow of them, from the Los Angeles fire department, sustained minor injuries to the lower body, while three others from the Hand Crew took on various other injuries. Each of the injured were transported to local hospitals for treatment.

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