A duo of firefighters in Los Angeles were injured during the process of extinguishing a fire near the Los Angeles County line. The fire was reportedly a small brush fire, located in Bell Canyon just outside LA county. Firefighters from the Los Angeles fire departments responded to the fire at around 2pm, extinguishing it within  2 hours. A total of five helicopters and 20 engine companies arrived at the 8 acre fire. While battling the blaze, the firefighters both sustained minor injuries. The first of the two suffered heat exhaustion and another firefighter received treatment for unknown injuries from on-scene paramedics. A spokesman for Los Angeles Fire Department, Devin Gales, reported that no homes were dangered during the fire. The resulting injuries sustained by firefighters were the only issues that arose resulting from the fire.

If you have suffered injuries in a fire, it is important that you understand the legality of your case. In this case, those injured were injured on duty, meaning that their case was a worker injury. When a worker is injured, they are entitled to workers compensation if their injuries create a hardship. Our sponsoring personal injury lawyers can provide help throughout the worker’s compensation process, if necessary, and invite you to call out offices for a free consultation