A man who was struck by a motorist while crossing the street in south Los Angeles was killed, authorities report. The 39-year-old man, who has been identified as Tyrone L. Jones, died after the driver hit him and then fled from the scene.

The pedestrian accident took place around 10:30 on Saturday evening. The driver of the car that hit Jones was driving southbound on Broadway, near 91st, when he came into contact with Jones, who was crossing the street. The driver sped from the scene without so much as checking to see if the man was alive.

According to reports, the driver did more than simply flee the scene. In the crash, Jones was lifted onto the windshield of the car, and hung their for moments after he was hit. To get away, the driver needed to shake him off, and maneuvered to do so before speeding away.

Jones was a handicapped man, reports his family. He often crossed that particular street to get from his home to his church.

Although the driver involved in this tragedy has not been found, his car. a green Chevy Lumina, has been identified and located. The Los Angeles Police Department requests that anyone with information of the driver’s whereabouts contact them as soon as possible.

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