Allstate Refuses to Pay for Cemetery Damage; Claims “Phantom Vehicle”


A Nissan Rogue covered by Allstate Insurance plowed into the Hopeful Church cemetery in Fayette County, Georgia. The accident caused irreparable damage to many headstones in the historic graveyard. A local monument company estimates the damage is around $89,000, but Allstate refuses to pay.

Six witnesses called into 911 about a woman driving the Rogue straight onto the Hopeful Church property. She hit one car and straight into several headstones.

A single witness, a friend of the driver, claims that a truck hit the Rogue, and this caused her to swerve into the cemetery. That truck then disappeared.

None of the 911 callers described a hit and run.

Bodycam recordings from officers who reported to the crash captured no reports of a hit and run from those on the scene. Because so many witnesses supplied such a different description of the crash, a police deputy created two separate diagrams. One diagram shows the Nissan to be at fault, while the second shows a hit-and-run.

No one has seen or reported the mystery truck, although authorities have made public announcements to be on the lookout.

Allstate has chosen to act on the diagram that would cost them less money. The insurance behemoth denies liability, saying that “a phantom vehicle” caused the accident.

Meanwhile, families of those whose graves have been desecrated are left without recourse.

A local quarry has donated granite boulders that have been placed in front of the Hopeful Church cemetery to protect it from such incidents occurring again.

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