An auto shop in Los Angeles on Monday was the site of a terrible fire that burned across the building’s entire structure, killing 2 people. The auto shop fire also injured another two, who are in the hospital with critical burn injuries.

The Los Angeles Fire Department received reports of the fire sometime on Monday morning, dispatching vehicles to the building. They arrived to find flames and smoke emerging from the building. To extinguish the fire, the department enlisted the support of as many as 124 firefighters, who took around an hour to douse the fire.

The results of the auto shop fire included property damage, injuries, and deaths. Two bodies were found when the fire department entered the building, and two others were taken to the hospital with serious burn injuries. The building and several vehicles outside were also left with visible fire damage.

According to reports, no cause of the fire has yet been determined. The building was rented to more than one auto shop, and also may been used as a residence by several people, who may have been trespassers.

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